Who we ARE?

Ambuli International (Pvt) Ltd is incorporated under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka as a Limited Liability Company.

Ambuli International is a Co-Organizer of the "Asia-Pacific Executives Forum".

Ambuli International consists of a network of professionals/consultants internationally.

"Raising capital for companies is an exercise in endurance, patience and unfortunately some gamesmanship. Fortunately, with advances in blockchain technologies, the tide may be turning to usher in a new capital raising process in which accredited investors can increase access to private deals normally in limited supply, and companies can market to them quickly, efficiently and without an intermediary. I’m not talking about initial coin offerings (ICOs). I’m referring to a new use of blockchain and fintech to create a new vehicle for capital raises."

Forbes: "Tokenized Security Offerings Offer A New Way To Raise Capital"

by Joe Forbes,
Founder & CEO of Causam eXchange

"Unfortunately, centralized AI introduces room for abuse, such as massive surveillance of people using face recognition and computer-vision-powered technology. At the same time, creating solutions on top of a centralized environment requires enterprises to give up privacy and control of their data to other third parties. This is where blockchain comes in, as it can be used to overcome many of AI's shortcomings."

Forbes: "Next Steps In The Integration Of Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain"

by Rohan Pinto,
CTO/founder of 1Kosmos BlockID

"Sure enough, blockchain and Big Data are a match made in heavens. The real question nowadays is who will be the first to provide the most suitable and best trained AI/machine learning model operating on top of distributed, transparent and immutable blockchain-generated data layers. The business to do this will roll in investments and generate immense profits."

Towards Data Science: "Blockchain and Big Data: the match made in heavens"

by Vladimir Fedak,
CEO of IT Svit & Big Data specialist